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27 Ways To Create Urgency And Get People To Buy Now

Hello and welcome to the Conversion Rate Maximizer.

However, before you discover exactly what the Conversion Rate Maximiser is ... and how the 27 ways contained within its pages can help you to dramatically make more sales in your business... I want to tell you a quick story.

A story about something that happened to me when I was seven years old... Something which still haunts me today.

I was cycling proudly up and down the sidewalk on my new push bike that I had received for my birthday a few weeks earlier. I could ride without wobbling and without any stabilisers. However perhaps being too confident whilst so inexperienced was my big mistake, as I pulled the front brake and ended up throwing myself over the top of the handlebars and landing face first in a heap on the ground.

As you can imagine this hurt more than I could have ever imagined. 

It was actually my chin that hit the ground before the rest of me and the impact sliced open my face.  After gathering myself together, I jumped up, leaving my precious new bike lying scratched on the floor and ran home screaming.

My mom was watching from the kitchen window as she saw me running up the garden path while she was doing the dishes.

Would you like to know her response?

She Kept Washing The Dishes

She didn't seem all that concerned about what had happened to me, even at the sight of blood dripping from my mouth or tears streaming from my eyes.

When I came into the house and stood before her she simply said, “hand me a dish towel sweetie.”

She then turned her head towards the living room where my dad was watching television.  “Nick just fell of his push bike.  He's bleeding all over the kitchen floor. We should probably do something about it.

My dad, being much more sensitive than my mom, yelled back, “We will, just as soon as the news is finished and they've told me the weather report."

My big brother was actually excited about the upcoming trip to the hospital.  “Yay!” he said.  “Can we stop for ice cream on the way?!

Wouldn't It Be Absurd Had It Really Played Out Like That?

What actually happened was this...

My mom instantly ran out of the house to grab me up with panic in her eyes. She screamed for my dad who immediately got us all into the car. My brother was speechless with fright, he'd never seen so much blood in his life. We were on the way to the hospital emergency room in a matter of seconds.

There Was An Urgency To Their Response!

Fortunately, after spending some time in the E.R. getting patched up (a total of 8 stitches), I was fine. My push bike however would now always bear the scrapes and scratches to remind me about the incident.... And I had learned a valuable lesson: Never try stopping at speed just by pulling a front brake!

Actually, I learned another lesson that day as well: There are some things which trigger an immediate response.

I've been a full-time internet marketer since 2001 and I've seen that lesson come to life with my offers and the offers of others, over and over again. There are several things you can do in order to increase the purchase rate for your products.

I'm not talking about psychological mumbo-jumbo, fake scarcity or any other "tricks". I'm talking about framing your offer in a way that creates "urgency" without sacrificing your "integrity".

Like I said: there are things you can do in order to increase the purchase rate of your offers.

Wouldn't You Like To Know Them?!

You're in luck because I've put down more than two dozen of these ideas in a special new report...


Conversion Rate Maximiser:
(27 Ways To Create Urgency And Get People To Order Now)

(21 Page Report in .PDF Format - Instant Download)

There are two questions that need to be answered:

Why do people walk away without buying? How can (at least some of) those who walk away be convinced to buy?

The first question has an easy answer - they didn't click the order button, enter their banking details and finalize the transaction. Maybe they didn't need the offer. Maybe they didn't like the offer. Maybe they couldn't afford the offer. Maybe they intended to come back later. There are dozens of variables. Some will NEVER buy.


Some are sitting on the fence.

Some are a strong "maybe". Some have raised their hand to say, "I'm interested ... tell me why I should buy"? It is for these people that you need to know the answer to the second question. The Conversion Rate Maximizer will give you 27 ways to convince (at least some of) those who wouldn't buy, otherwise.

Here are just a few things you'll learn when you download your copy today...

  • 27 simple things you can do to increase your "conversion rate" (number of browsers who become buyers), many of which can be implemented on the same day you download the report below!
  • How to increase the "perceived value" of your offer so it is "worth" more to the customer, including 5 ways to use incentives to make your offer irresistible. NOTE: It's not uncommon for people to order more because of the bonuses than the main product!
  • Pricing strategies, natural urgency triggers and social proofs that get prospects to click the buy button or the checkout button - many times it's all about simple tweaks that can significantly increase buyer response!
  • My favorite "statements" to include to maximize your orders - people are actively looking for them in your sales process. If you don't include these things, there will be those that automatically will not buy!
  • Effective strategies for breaking down barriers, handling objections and getting past buyer resistance to prevent prospects from walking away without buying from you. This is the main objective of the report: to turn more "no thank you" responses into "yes please" responses!

None of these things are rocket-science. They aren't magic. They are tried and true marketing strategies that have been proven to work in producing extra orders.

PLEASE NOTE: Conversion Rate Maximizer is a report, it's not a full-blown home study course about how to sell online.

Instead it's a collection of proven strategies and ideas for implementing into an online business.

However, I guarantee you this - if you take just ONE of these ideas and it gets just ONE extra customer to buy from you, it will be worth at least TEN or perhaps TWENTY times the price of this report.

For a very small investment today, (similar to the cost of a Starbucks Coffee and a Muffin) you could purchase the Conversion Rate Maximizer and end up making much more money online than ever before simply because you increased your conversion rates by one or two percent.

However, by implementing these proven strategies you should begin to see double-digit conversion rates just like I did a few days ago when I began promoting a simple two-page website I created:

As you can see from the image above, 11.84% conversions. That's way higher than most average websites and it's all thanks to the 27 strategies included in the Conversion Rate Maximizer.

Maybe you'll already know some of these strategies ... However there are bound to be plenty that you don't know! 

And anyway... it doesn't really matter if you know them... It matters more if you are putting them to use or not!

And anyway... do you really want to pass up on this low cost opportunity and then always wonder:

"What was in the report?"

"What would have happened if I'd found just ONE new idea that got more people to buy from me?"

Or even...

"How much more money would I be making by now?"

So What's The Deal

For This Exclusive New Report?

Surprisingly a lot, lot less than I bet you're thinking right now. In fact you're going to be very pleasantly surprised... I guarantee it.

However before I tell you, I should let you know about something else which I'm going to include with the Conversion Rate Maximizer when you order today:



Three Professionally Crafted Sales Letter Templates

Why continue to struggle writing entire sales letters from scratch?

Picture this... 

You've likely spent long night, after long night finishing your product. And the thought of writing a new sales letter from scratch sounds like a lot of work (It is!). And hiring someone else to write your sales letter also sounds very expensive (Right Again!).

However, here's some good news:–

Right now you can save yourself both time and money by using this exclusive FREE BONUS PACKAGE of '3 sales letter templates' to quickly and easily create your next sales letter in super-fast time yourself!

All you have to do is insert information where indicated by the brackets – and boom, your letter will be finished in a matter of minutes.

After all isn't it going to be much easier to model your marketing materials on something that's already been proven to work?

But be warned: This extra bonus won't be around for long. In fact I'm only including it for a short time, until the counter below hits zero.

Extra Bonus Will Be Removed In:

That's because these templates are part of a special package that usually costs $497 and they are only being included right now to celebrate this week's launch of the Conversion Rate Maximiser.

(Feel free to save a note on your calendar to come back and check this time next week and you will see for yourself that this extra bonus has been removed.)

Okay Nick, Count Me In... But How Much Is The Conversion Rate Mazimixer?

"How much to discover these 27 Ways To Create Urgency And Get People To Buy Now? ... PLUS give me the three professional sales letter templates?"

Well if I told you that I would normally sell such a unique report for about $67, but that I was going to make a very special offer to you, how much do you think it would be?...


Maybe, if I'm really generous, you might think that I'd sell it for forty bucks off and make it available for $27?

WRONG! Because I've decided to release the Conversion Rate Maximiser as a Dime Sale - And giving you the opportunity to get a 'steal of a deal' by starting the dime sale off at just $1.00

Believe me this is real.

However you should realise that because this is a 'Dime Sale', each time a copy is sold the price will increase... Until it reaches $59.

So there's never been a better time to seize the moment and grab your copy right away.

Even at the regular price of $59 this is still amazing value when you consider all the extra sales you can immediately begin making as a result of putting each of the strategies into practice.

But why pay more when you don't have to?

To get started right away, click the button below and lock your purchase in right now at the lowest possible price:

Conversion Rate Maximizer

What Are Other Online Marketers

Saying About This Amazing New Report...

Jeremy Kennedy

“Hey Nick,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the conversion maximizer report.  I’ve used a couple of those tactics before with my own marketing and was blown away at the results some of these little changes can bring.

BUT… It was also truly refreshing to see several extra golden nuggets I’d never even heard of before that I can’t wait to test and use.. I know one is definitely going to help my most recent project. What makes me smile is how potent these techniques can be when used in conjunction with one another.

Thanks for the info!”

Jeremy Kennedy
Willie Crawford

“Nick, as someone who has been running an online business for over 20 years, I consider myself a fairly good copywriter and salesman. So, when I saw your title, “Conversion Rate Maximiser: (27 Ways To Create Urgency And Get People To Order Now), I assumed that I might learn one or two new things that I might be able to use. MAN, was I wrong. I learned so many new ways to increase conversions that I’ll be going back and updating many of my webpages and emails… applying what you taught. The thing that I loved most about those tactics is that they are all things that I can cheerfully use knowing that they are very ethical and won’t leave me feeling “icky..”

Willie Crawford

Your 100% Full Satisfaction Guarantee

This is your opportunity to fully download and discover everything that the Conversion Rate Maximiser has to offer you on a completely risk free basis.

Your 100% Full Satisfaction Guarantee

Firstly, if you are not completely thrilled with everything you discover within the Conversion Rate Maximizer download package, you’re completely covered by my personal promise and guarantee.

Simply pop a quick email over to myself or one of my team within the next 30 days and we’ll refund your investment in full.

What would it mean to your business over the next 12 months if you could deploy all off these Conversion Rate Maximizers throughout all of your existing sales and marketing materials. Using these tips and techniques would automatically encourage more of your existing customers, clients, email subscribers and website visitors to buy from you.

With the average conversion rate being around 1-2%, it means that 98 or 99 out of every 100 people who view an offer WON'T BUY. What if you could get just a few of those people, who would otherwise begin walking away empty-handed, to stick around and buy from you?

That would be huge right?!

After all, you've already seen what these techniques do for me in my business.... 11.85% conversion rates on the FRONT END.

So make sure you download Conversion Rate Maximizer right now and lock yourself in at the lowest possible price, then begin putting these ideas to work for you - starting today.

Conversion Rate Maximizer

- Extra High Value Bonus Worth $1,250  -

By now I'm sure you can see the immense value that the Conversion Rate Maximiser can bring to your business.

However, before I go, I would like to add one final high-value bonus to make sure that I'm delivering the very highest amount of value that I possibly can.

I'm going to make myself available for a Special ONE-OFF Coaching & Consulting Session via Skype (worth $1,250) during which I'm going to personally help implement as many of the techniques contained within the Conversion Rate Maximizer as I can.

This is a truly highly valuable bonus for anyone selling online. Having sold over $11 Million worth of products and services since I set up my first website back in 2001. I've certainly learnt a thing or two about Copywriting!...

But I've never written for anyone else... Ever before...

Until now...  This could be your chance... 🙂

But please don't be mistaken...  This is not some carefully disguised rouse to get everyone that downloads the Conversion Rate Maximiser on the phone to sell you a high-ticket copywriting service or IM related coaching program...


I don't do phone sales... And I don't actually have much time at all put aside for coaching consults either... I'd prefer to spend time working on my own business or travelling.

Instead, what we're talking about here will be a special one-off call with just ONE customer.

Here's how this will work.

Once you have downloaded and read the Conversion Rate Maximizer, I want you to return to this very page and physically count all of the different 'ways' that I have written about and described in the Conversion Rate Maximizer report that you can find in use on this page..

...Once you've counted them all, simply send an email to letting me know your name, receipt number and how many 'ways' you've found being used here ... And I'll automatically enter your details into 'a special sweepstake' for the Skype consultation.

Plus: I will even email you back the correct answers so you can compare your answers with mine and I'll send an extra mystery gift just for taking part, 'win or lose'.

Sound good?

Your next step is simple: Take out your credit card and click the “buy button” below… and in just a few minutes time you’ll have access to everything I've described.

Click that button now to make sure you get the Conversion Rate Maximizer and all the bonuses at the lowest possible price.

See you on the other side in a couple of seconds time.

Conversion Rate Maximizer



PS. Remember: If you continue to produce Sales Letters, Webinars and VSLs in the same way you're doing now, you'll continue getting the same lousy sales conversion rates. So download the Conversion Rate Maximizer today and you'll discover how to boost those conversion rates in no time at all!